Academic Research

Theme: Global Challenges & Local Concerns

30th April - 2nd May 2024

Global Challenges
& Local Concerns

The Sustainability Research Conference is a data-driven conference set to lead the charge in exploring pathways to influence changes in the political and business sectors.

It is a gathering of renowned academics, data analysts, individual engineers and inventors purposely working to consolidate GVSE’s position toward a more sustainable future. This session brings into focus the accelerating frequency of global crises, underscores the contradictions of sustainability and elevates diverse knowledge on the subject by sharing best practices, inspiring action and collaborating on new initiatives for the global sustainability community.

The conference runs parallel to the primary business summit.


With drastic local and regional damaging impacts on the lived environment comes persistent popular demands for immediate strategies for action.

Bowing to these pressing demands, the industry slowly and painstakingly gathered momentum, developing new processes and technologies to limit its significant contributions to global and environmental degradation and consequent grave localized impacts.

In 2015, the UN identified 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and urged its member states to adopt them. These SDGs cover issues related to socio-economic, environmental, and technological development. SDGs have been expanded to cover Higher Education, finding an enthusiastic welcome from academia. Scientists and researchers across the Higher Education provisions, together with their fellow industry scientists, refocused their research attention on finding solutions to issues raised by the 17 SDGs in serious efforts to arrest the global crisis and limit its impacts.

Alongside these efforts, Social Science researchers began work on thinking of creative and innovative processes for sustainable interactions with the surrounding environment. As a result, research on recycled economy; sustainable investments; inclusive, ethical, and transformational leadership and management; social responsibility; environmental ethics, inequalities, and others, burgeoned and quickly proliferated.