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Welcome to our Ecovillage Community Forum! To ensure a respectful and productive experience for all members, we've established the following guidelines. By participating in our forum, you agree to adhere to these rules:

1. **Language and Formatting:**
All communication must be in English. Maintain a professional tone and structure in your posts, using appropriate images and formatting for clear and informative discussions.

2. **Advertisement Policy:**
If you choose to share advertisements, you're allowed only one layer of ad using a short-link generator. Any attempt to employ multiple ad layers will result in a permanent account ban.

3. **Download Links and Content Sharing:**
Do not share download links that restrict download speed or require premium accounts. Recommended upload hosts include Google Drive,, and Ensure your content-sharing adheres to copyright laws and guidelines.

4. **Respectful Behavior:**
Treat all community members and moderator staff with respect. Avoid using offensive, abusive, or insulting language. Maintain a clean and courteous dialogue.

5. **Prohibited Content:**
Do not submit or link to content that is defamatory, hateful, abusive, threatening, spam, pirated, adult, or in violation of copyright laws. Encouraging unlawful activity is strictly prohibited.

6. **Moderation and Removal:**
We reserve the right to remove or modify any content without notice or cause. Requests for content removal or modification will be addressed at our discretion. Access to the forum may be terminated without notice.

7. **No Spamming:**
Do not use the forum to promote external websites, blogs, social media, or other platforms. Your posts should focus on relevant content within the community. Spamming may result in temporary or permanent bans.

8. **Original Content:**
Posts should not be 100% identical to existing content. Prior to posting, search the forum to ensure content is unique. Duplicate posts will be removed.

9. **Additional Rules by Section:**
Be aware that each forum section may have specific rules outlined in sticky notices or announcements. Review these guidelines before posting in any section.

10. **Multiple Accounts and Giveaways:**
Creating duplicate accounts for personal gain, participating multiple times in promotions, or engaging in self-promotion is prohibited. Giveaway threads must adhere to specific rules, including limiting access to accounts older than 30 days.

11. **Respect for Diversity:** We embrace diversity in all its forms, including race, gender, cultural, ethnic, religious backgrounds, sexual orientation, physical/mental abilities and geographic locations. Treat every community member with respect, regardless of differences in opinions, beliefs, or personal choices.

12. **Open Communication:** Foster open and honest communication within the community. Encourage active listening, empathy, and understanding when engaging in discussions or conflict resolution. Communication should be constructive and considerate, aiming to find common ground and mutual solutions.

13. **Sustainable Living Practices:** Practice and promote environmentally friendly habits within the community. This includes energy conservation, waste reduction, recycling, organic gardening, and supporting local and sustainable businesses whenever possible.

14. **Peaceful Resolution of Conflicts:** In the event of disagreements or conflicts, strive for peaceful resolution through dialogue and mediation. Avoid engaging in confrontations or using disrespectful language. Seek guidance from designated community mediators if needed.

15. **Honouring Commitments:** Fulfill your commitments and responsibilities to the community. This includes upholding agreements, meeting financial obligations, and actively participating in community initiatives and activities.

16. **Community Engagement:** Encourage active participation in community events, workshops, and meetings. Share your skills, knowledge, and ideas to contribute to the growth and well-being of the community.

17. **Safety and Security:** Promote a safe and secure living environment by adhering to safety guidelines, reporting any concerns promptly, and respecting security measures in place.

These guidelines and rules are designed to create a supportive and inclusive community at Eco Village. By adhering to these principles, we can ensure that our interactions are respectful, constructive, and aligned with our shared commitment to sustainability and well-being.

Note: These guidelines and rules are subject to periodic review and updates as determined by the community leadership or governing body.

Posted : 14/08/2023 2:34 pm