An eco-friendly mixed-use community promoting sustainable:

Education Housing Trade Tourism

We anticipate welcoming you soon to the Eco Village… 

The next best thing to happen to Malta.

A model community that demonstrates the possibility of living in harmony with nature, while also nurturing social connections and economic vitality.

As a mixed-use community, the Eco Village incorporates different facilities and activities catering to the diverse needs of its residents and visitors.

The Eco Village promotes a net-zero lifestyle and incorporates retail spaces where sustainable and locally sourced products are promoted. This encourages a culture of conscious consumption and reduces the environmental impact associated with long-distance transportation of goods. 

The Eco Village also recognises the potential of tourism and entertainment as avenues for promoting sustainability, offering eco-tourism activities that highlight the natural beauty and resources of the surrounding area.

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A community where regular people like you and I can turn our eco-anxiety, eco-consciousness and eco-fantasies into action, and work with experts to drive intergenerational solutions.


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The Mission

To phase out unsustainable practices and lifestyles by practically showcasing the possibility of green recovery

The Plan

Strategically position residents at the vantage point of seeing, feeling, and ultimately applying eco-friendly methods in everyday life